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Be Well Massage Therapy & Skin Care Solutions was Founded in May 2001.

At our med-spa and beauty clinic we focus on our clients' needs by designing treatment sessions that deliver results. Whether it's a medical massage, treatment-based facial or relaxation and beauty service to unwind and de-stress, your session will be exactly what you need, or what your doctor has ordered for you. Each treatment is unique as it's tailored to your individual needs. 

The benefit of a diverse group of therapists working together in one place is that not only do they learn from one another, but as the needs of the clients evolve there is always someone who can fulfill the specific needs of the day. 

All massage therapists and estheticians at Be Well Massage Therapy & Skin Care Solutions are licensed or board certified in Washington State. 

We look forward to helping you achieve your health, wellness, beauty needs. 

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Owner of Be Well Massage Therapy & Skin Care Solutions
Licensed Massage Therapist; Certified Medical Massage Practicioner


Licensed Massage Therapist; Certified Medical Massage Practicioner

Jay has been licensed since 2011 and is a proud graduate of Denton Massage School in Arlington, where he is also an instructor. One of the things Jay enjoys most about being a massage therapist is the opportunity to help people feel better. Every session starts with listening to the client, to assess how they are feeling that day, to then learn how to tailor the massage to what their needs are for that day. Whether you are recovering from an injury, recovering from a tough workout, or simply need a healthy way to deal with stress, he truly believes massage can help. Using Swedish massage, deep tissue, Warm Bamboo Massage, myofascial release, or a variety of other techniques, Jay considers it a privilege to assist people to feel better, more balanced, relaxed, and just healthier overall.

Jay is an insurance provider for-Auto Accidents, Labor & Industries, First Choice, United, Uniform Medical, Premera Blue Cross, Regence Blue Shield, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna and Lifewise.

Jay’s hours are:

Monday: 8 am-2 pm | Wednesday: 8 am-2 pm | Friday: 8 am-2 pm | Saturday: 8 am-12 pm

Licensed Massage Therapist

Brandi is a licensed massage therapist, member of the American Massage Therapy Association, and a Doterra essential oil Wellness Advocate. She has received training in sports massage, deep tissue, injury treatment or medical massage, cupping technique, Swedish relaxation and energy work. Brandi encourages patients to be an active participant in their journey to better health. In her free time, Brandi rides horses, hikes, and shoots archery. 


Licensed Massage Therapist

Mali Richardson, LMT: Mali has been licensed since 2008 and is an Ashmead School of Massage graduate. Though her professional massage career started in 2008, she has been doing massage since she was three years old. As a second generation body worker (her mother being the first), she grew up learning how to help people in pain and trusting her intuition in how to do that most effectively. With the natural talent for massage and tuning in along with lifelong instruction from her mother; practicing massage as a career still feels as natural and welcome as a seal diving into the ocean. Treatment work is her passion. This shows through even in the relaxation massages because she naturally finds and releases old injured areas so as to allow the client to relax deeper. Helping clients heal from sports injuries, car accidents, and work injuries has been the driving force of her career. Mali practices Deep Tissue, Warm Bamboo Massage, Structural Relief Therapy, Myo-fascial release, Breema, Chakra work, and has a background in Reiki and Qigong. Every massage is tailored to the individual needs of the client and is performed with the care and concern. Mali feels very honored with the trust of working on a client’s area of pain or stress and grateful for the opportunity to give relief.

Mali is an insurance provider for-Auto Accidents, Labor & Industries, First Choice, United, Uniform Medical, Premera Blue Cross, Regence Blue Shield, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna and Lifewise.

Mali’s hours are:

Wednesday: 9 am-2 pm | Thursday: 9 am – 2 pm | Friday: 9 am-2 pm | Saturday: 11:30 am-5 pm


Licensed Massage Therapist

Megan Blackard LMT has been licensed since 2010 and is a graduate from Everest College in Seattle, WA. Her massage career started with a passion of wanting to help people improve their way of life. For her, Massage has become more than just a career choice but her way of bringing happiness to this world with one massage at a time. Each massage she performs is customized to each client, from relaxation to deep tissue, and treatment massage. She can also perform hot stone massages, aromatherapy to enhance the massage experience. In the Massage Therapy field there is so much more to learn and her hope is to keep on learning more modalities and treatments to bring more to each client. She is looking especially to learn about Intra-Oral Massage, which involves working with jaw muscles to treat jaw pain. When she is not massaging she loves the outdoors, hiking, fishing, camping just to name a few. She also is a sci-fi/fantasy fanatic, especially Star Wars and Star Trek.

Megan is an insurance provider for-Auto Accidents, Labor & Industries, First Choice, United, Uniform Medical, Premera Blue Cross, Regence Blue Shield, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna and Lifewise.

Megan’s Hours are: 
Monday-Friday 4:30 to 8


Licensed Massage Therapist

Jennifer graduated in 2015 from Northwest School of Massage. She completed her Reiki Master training in June of 2016. She is also a certified GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Instructor. Promoting body awareness, Jennifer likes to massage with open communication to best meet her clients’ needs.

Jennifer is an insurance provider for-Auto Accidents, Labor & Industries, First Choice, United, Uniform Medical, Premera Blue Cross, Regence Blue Shield, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna and Lifewise.

Jennifer’s Hours are:

Tuesday-10 am – 2 pm | Wednesday- 12 pm – 3 pm | Thursday-10 am – 2 pm


Licensed Massage Therapist

Coming from European culture where alternative medicine always has been rooted in tradition, Patricia found it very natural to turn to massage therapy for issues such as poor blood flow, muscle and stress tension, nerve impingement, and migraines. However, it was only later that she decided to become a massage therapist. Since then, every single day of her career she has enjoyed providing deep relaxation and reducing discomfort for everyone on her table.  

Patricia believes in a multi-discipline approach which combines therapeutic treatment of the areas of concern, encourages the stress relief to aid the reduction of physical distress, and improves the mind state. Her training has been focused on kinesiology, myofascial release, and deep tissue work. She is also certified by NASM (National Association of Sport Medicine ) as a Corrective Exercise Specialist, which allows her to recommend appropriate stretching and strengthening exercises to clients. She is also certified in Reiki and Qi-gong, which help provide deep relaxation when incorporated into massage.

Patricia is passionate about working with anyone that needs help with chronic conditions, such as migraines, fibromyalgia, and trigeminal neuralgia, to name a few. Treating clients who experience recurring discomfort due to misalignments and bad posture is her other focus, as massage and adapted exercise program are keys to alleviate those problems. She particularly enjoys introducing the thousand-year-old craft of massage to those who never had the chance to experience it, while demonstrating its value as a component of a healthy life style.

Patricia is an insurance provider for-Auto Accidents, Labor & Industries, First Choice, United, Uniform Medical, Premera Blue Cross, Regence Blue Shield, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna and Lifewise.

Patricia’s Hours are:

Tuesday- 9 am – 6 pm | Wednesday- 3 pm – 8 pm | Thursday- 9 am – 6 pm | Friday- 3 pm – 8 pm | Saturday- 9 am – 2 pm


Licensed Massage Therapist

Tiffany has been very successful in helping relieve her clients of pain and increasing their quality of life with bodywork, as well as the education it provides. She loves what she does and looks forward to helping you on your health and wellness journey.

Tiffany enjoys practicing the following modalities:
  • Swedish and deep tissue massage
  • Myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, hydrotherapy, trigger point therapy
  • Rehabilitative and sports massage, including Russian sports massage
  • Acupressure, Craniosacral Therapy, reflexology
  • Palliative and Oncology massage

Tiffany is an insurance provider for-Auto Accidents, Labor & Industries, First Choice, United, Uniform Medical, Premera Blue Cross, Regence Blue Shield, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna and Lifewise.

Tiffany’s Hours are:

Monday- 9am – 6pm | Tuesday- 9am – 6pm | Wednesday- 9am – 6pm | Thursday- 9am – 6pm | Friday- 9am – 4pm | Saturday- 9am – 4pm


Licensed Esthetician; Licensed Massage Therapist

Driven by a passion for helping others look and feel their best, Raquel studied esthetics and makeup at Eric Fisher Academy in 2008, in her hometown of Wichita, KS. Her diverse career background includes experience administering advanced skin treatments at a dermatology clinic, performing massage and body treatments in a day spa setting, and doing makeup applications for brides, fashion models, and teens. Her makeup work has been published in several salon magazines. In 2012, Raquel took the opportunity to become an esthetics instructor for Marinello Schools of Beauty in Wichita, KS. During this time, she won an Instructor Contest award for her smokey eye tutorial video. In early 2015, she relocated to the greater Seattle area in order to explore career opportunities. She taught advanced esthetics at Evergreen Beauty College and received the prestigious national NCEA Gerson award for Excellence in Esthetics Education, as well as the Culture Award from Evergreen in the category of “Fun.” Fueled by an insatiable hunger for knowledge, Raquel returned to school for massage therapy in 2016, attending Northwest Academy for the Healing Arts in West Seattle. She recently became a licensed massage therapist and loves continuing to provide full-body pampering. She approaches massage from a biological perspective, acknowledging the important role that human touch plays in influencing the nervous system. Her style is flowing, meticulous, and soothing.
In addition to having a practice, she serves as a mentor for new estheticians entering the field and provides externship opportunities for esthetics students. Raquel has training and certifications in dermaplaning and advanced skin care. She is currently working on certifications in oncology esthetics (skin care for cancer patients) and intra-oral massage for TMJ dysfunction.

Currently, Raquel provides:
  • Facials and full body skin care from head to toes, including anti-aging, anti-acne, and sensitive skin treatments
  • Microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, and chemical peels
  • Herbal body scrubs and hydrating body wraps
  • Lash and brow tinting; brow sculpting and facial waxing
  • Traditional massage, such as Swedish, hot stone, deep tissue, and gentle myofascial release

Raquel’s hours are:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 10 am – 6 pm
Saturday: 9 am -3 pm

Meredith Crosby

Licensed Master Esthetician

Meredith graduated Evergreen Beauty College in December 2016. As a former Zumba instructor, Meredith has a passion for fitness and well-being. She is a new mom and loves hiking with her husband, their daughter, and German Shepherd. With a lifelong passion for makeup artistry, she recognizes the critical importance of a strong skin care routine. The combination of being a perfectionist and her love of helping others led her to become an esthetician. Meredith loves to help people feel beautiful in their skin though facials, waxing, or eyelash extensions. 

Meredith provides:
Custom facials for all skin types
Facial waxing and lash & brow tinting
Microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, and chemical peels
Classic eyelash extensions

Meredith's hours are:
Monday, Thursday, and Saturday: 9 AM - 3 PM

Melissa Bird

Licensed Massage Therapist

I believe massage is a unique blend of science & art- the science of anatomy, knowledge of tissue & patterns we use our bodies in, while also an art of facilitating movement & change within live tissue- using the human connection to tap into & boost the body's own innate healing abilities. Each massage is a blend of technique, intuition & compassion to find the perfect mixture to 'make life better'- be it saving the world, improving overall health, or just getting through the day with less pain. Many of these principles can be applied to skincare as well- helping to educate clients & give them a positive body image through caring for our largest organ.

Many of us are not here by accident- we are driven to this profession for a variety of reasons, but like most, I couldn't imagine myself doing anything else.. I feel grateful & blessed to be in the wellness industry since 2002, helping others help themselves in the name of personal awesomeness & well-being. I mostly enjoy the one-on-one connections, seeing the transformation of a stressed face into bliss, & playing with new modalities such as energy work, hot stones, cupping, scrubs & hair removal. Come to a 1-hour retreat of personal betterment & we'll take that journey together..

I am a native of AZ & love all seasons of outdoors in the Northwest! My pets & garden are my children, I also enjoy hot yoga, cooking, travel & adventures of all kinds.

Dustin Williams
Licensed Massage Therapist

Dustin graduated from Cortiva Institute of Massage - Seattle's extended program in July 2010. After a couple years of practice in fundamental bodywork techniques at a wellness spa, he chose to specialize in traditional Thai massage.

During your session Dustin takes into consideration the theories of Traditional Thai Medicine, and crafts a massage keeping in mind the conditions and symptoms, as well as how long you've been in pain or out of balance. Each massage is different and is treated as a new opportunity to create movement and reduce tension, and to utilize traditional medicine tools to help you meet your bodywork goals.

Thai massage is unique as it focuses on the entire body - from the three energy centers, the 72,000 sen (lines), and the seven layers of the body made from five elements. Keeping with the traditions of Thai Medicine, Dustin uses his sessions to expertly address each layer of the body individually from skin down to bone and sen, helping to prevent dysfunction and bring awareness to daily acts that can lead to dis-ease in the body.

An expert Traditional Thai session with Dustin can be performed fully clothed, or draped on a table, and often includes compression, jostling, acupressure, vibration, stretching, range of motion and traction. He is well schooled in the use of traditional medicine tools and herbs that help to enhance your massage, such as balm and liniments, cupping, gua sha (scraping/khoot), and tok sen.

By using this ancient science of anatomy, assessment and treatment, sessions can be wonderfully life changing, it's no wonder Thai massage is exploding in popularity!
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